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Pocket Sized Urinals

Available on UK Prescription

If you wish to purchase rather than obtain one on UK prescription call 

URIbag Direct Sales: 01604 586529 or 0800 592786

As easy as 1 ... 2 ... 3
If you've Gotta Go...... Just Go!

Anyplace - Anytime the URIBag takes virtually no space until you need it

then you have over 2 average bladders full of capacity at your disposal!

URIbag MFolds away into a hard plastic case (8 x 4cm male version, 8 x 6 x 4cm for female version)
which is small enough to fit into a shirt pocket, or handbag so its massive 1100ml capacity is instantly available for use wherever you need it.
Ideal for use in the car, plane or coach.
Also for use in a wheelchair as its small dimensions mean it is easy to get into place. ISC & leg bag users also.


GP Prescription order code for the Male Uribag: "Manfred Sauer Uribag"

                   URIbag F

                           URIbag F Usage Guide 

GP Prescription order code the Female Uribag is simply "Manfred Sauer Uribag F"


Traditional female urinals require the pelvis to be raised in order to attain the correct position for use, which is not always possible for arthritic or injured patients. A carer or the patient can use the URIfem by simply placing between the legs and pushing into place. 1.2l capacity & can be sterilised up to 130 degrees centigrade. A flat bottom ensures stability and there is also a drip cup for accidental leakage (perhaps caused by leg spasm).



GP Prescription order code for the Urifem is simply "Manfred Sauer Urifem"


IQ Catheters are still available with the same unique, flexible tip.

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